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Out in January

Keltner, Dacher
The New Science and Transformative Power of Everyday Wonder
EAN: 9780241624104
€ 22,90

Out in February

Mazzucato, Mariana/Collington, Rosie
How the Consulting Industry Weakens our Businesses, Infantilizes our Governments and Warps our Economies
EAN: 9780241573099
€ 23,90

Out in March

Out in April

Out in May

Jones, Mark
The Forgotten Crisis in the Year of Hitler´s Coup
EAN: 9781529360738
€ 23,90

Out in June

Sontag, Susan
A new collection of feminist essays from the influential writer, activist and critic, Susan Sontag
EAN: 9780241597118
€ 22,00
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