Earthsea: The First Four Books

Rebel Voices - Disruptive Stories from Trailblazing Women - A Wizard of Earthsea/Tehanu/The Farthest Shore/The Tombs of Atuan
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    • Earthsea: The First Four Books is a collection of one of the most beloved and influential fantasy works of all time. The series follows two main characters: Ged, who grows from an arrogant boy to one of the most powerful mages Earthsea has ever known; and Tenar, who escapes her fate as a child-priestess, and must fight for a life of her own. Filled with soaring, dangerous and beautifully-spun magic; evocative, sweeping settings; and extraordinarily vivid, emotionally complex characters, once read, the Earthsea series will never be forgotten. Rebel Voices:A new Puffin Classics collection, celebrating International Women's Day 2023

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