The Sun and the Star

A Nico di Angelo Adventure - From the World of Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson - The Trials of Apollo
ISBN/EAN: 9780241627686
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Sprache: Englisch
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Format in cm: 3.6 x 23.4 x 15.3
Einband: Paperback
Lesealter: 9-17 J.

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    • Hades, Nico di Angelo been through so much, from the premature deaths of his mother and sister, to being outed against his will, to losing his friend Jason during the trials of Apollo. But there is a ray of sunshine: his boyfriend Will Solace, the son of Apollo. Together the two demigods can overcome any obstacle. At least that's been the case so far. 12+ An opportunity to bring new fans to the bestselling original series.

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