Fell Murder

A Lancashire Mystery, British Library Crime Classics
ISBN/EAN: 9780712352048
Umbreit-Nr.: 6986972

Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 240 S.
Format in cm: 1.8 x 19 x 13
Einband: Paperback

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    • The Garths had farmed their fertile acres for generations. Garthmere Hall itself was old before Flodden Field, and here Robert Garth, still hale and hearty at eighty-two, ruled his household with a rod of iron. The peaceful dales and fells of the north country provide the setting for this grim story of a murder, a setting in fact which is one of the attractive features of an unusual and distinctive tale of evil passions and murderous hate in a small rural community. First published in 1944.

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