Heartstopper 4

Heartstopper 4
ISBN/EAN: 9781444952797
Umbreit-Nr.: 9941617

Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 320 S.
Format in cm: 2.8 x 23.2 x 15.3
Einband: Paperback

Erschienen am 13.05.2021
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    • Charlie didn't think Nick could ever like him back, but now they're officially boyfriends. Charlie's beginning to feel ready to say those three little words: I love you. Nick's been feeling the same, but he's got a lot on his mind - not least coming out to his dad. As summer turns to autumn and a new school year begins, Charlie and Nick are about to learn a lot about what love means. 14+ The fourth volume of "Heartstopper".

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